Concrete Flooring Services in Luton

Concrete flooring is one of the most popular flooring options for commercial, residential and industrial spaces. Well-polished concrete floors are stain-free, environment-friendly and come with a cost-effective installation and maintenance cost. Concrete flooring Luton is part of the Gringo Services that specializes in concrete flooring with a concentration in the Power-float finish, Sky float finish, and Temp finish. Below are the descriptions of the flooring options we offer.

concrete flooring luton

Power Float Concrete Floor

Power Float polish offers a smooth finish with a range of aesthetic and practical benefits. Power floating results in a shiny attractive surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. The polish is also quite durable since the concrete bears the weight of heavy floating machinery making it a perfect choice for heavy-duty industrial floors. Power float finish creates a dense, dust free and well-compacted surface.

Temp Finish Concrete Floor

Concrete polishes are available in different forms; from the concrete stamping, chemical stain, scouring and sealers to coloured hardeners. Some of these finishing options require certain temperatures for proper application of the polish. With Temp finish, you get all the necessary conditions and the most appropriate finish to polish your concrete floor.

Sky Float Finish Concrete Floor

Another concrete power polish is the Sky float finish. This type of polish gives your floor an exceptional finish. It offers a smooth and reliable floor surface that can withstand the forces of tear and wear even in the most adverse conditions. This polish is commonly used for commercial concrete flooring purposes.

Concrete Flooring Experts in Luton

If you are looking for professional concrete flooring services, we’ve got you covered. Gringo Services have stood the test of time with a good reputation in the home improvement industry. Call us today. We’ll be glad to offer you or services.