Gardening & Landscaping Services in Luton

Well-kept garden calls for frequent gardening and maintenance which means regular mowing, trimming, pruning and cleaning services is a must. We at Gringo Services have a team of garden enthusiasts who have years of experience and an inexhaustible passion for gardening and landscaping services.

We provide a wide variety of services which includes gardening, fencing, landscaping, building patios and driveways, driveway and patio maintenance, demolition and dismantling, and providing a complete finish to the concrete floors.

gardening services luton


We take care of all the essential tasks required to keep a garden well-kempt and clean. We focus on cleaning the garden frequently and mowing the lawn to remove weeds and keep the grass short. Trimming the hedges for a good finish and pruning the trees for better growth is also taken care of.

landscaping services luton


If a client wishes to revamp their garden and requests for transforming its appearance, we come up with the best ideas to give it a new look. We do landscaping with new plants and lay artificial and natural grass for a better look. We go for creating gardens based on trending designs and patterns.

fencing services luton


We are aware that garden fences require frequent care. Hence, we take care of dismantling fences when you require, replacing damaged fences with new ones, and putting new fences to the garden if there isn’t one. We also paint the fences periodically and provide brick fences if requested by the customer.

patio building services luton


Patios and courtyards are an important part of the garden that can be designed and built innovatively. We help in creating concrete slabs paving for you to walk freely and build stone paving for a new and better appearance. We also deck the patios for a better recreation experience for homeowners.

paving services luton


Our services also include building driveways for parking your cars. Our experts build you compact driveways and ensure no damage is done to the property. We build driveways of two types – with paving stones for giving a new and distinct look and concrete ones for driving smoothly to the parking space.

pressure cleaning luton

Pressure Cleaning

We know our clients love clean driveways and patios, and we send our teams for the job as and when required. We bring our own cleaning pressure washer and clean the driveways and patios till they shine in the sunlight. Our team consists of robust men who are capable of completing the work quickly.

demolition services luton


We also take care of demolition or dismantling of old walls or roofs to give a new look to the home. Our team has experience in dismantling walls, demolishing roofs and chipping floors. At Gringo Services we can also manage disassembly of windows and doors and forging tiles and plasters with equal ease.

concrete flooring services luton

Concrete Flooring

Concrete floors are subjected to constant wear and tear. Frequent repair of the damage may not be feasible. Hence, we use good machines to give a proper finishing to the concrete floors so that it looks even and polished. We offer power float finish, sky float finish, and temp finish to our clients.

Gringo Services

Our services are not limited to gardening alone, but also include fencing, cleaning, demolition of roofs, and dismantling walls. We pride ourselves on our timely completion of tasks, dependability, and professionalism that we have developed over the years through sheer hard work, setting up beautiful gardens for commercial and domestic purposes. We provide one of the best gardening services in Luton and strive to help our clients experience the best garden views from their buildings, be it home or office.

We are well-versed with the nitty-gritty of gardening and take care of landscaping processes, as well. Blending our innovative ideas along with the client requirement, we build incredibly well-designed gardens of their choice and liking. Businesses and services are built on the basis of trust, and we work hard to live up to that by making ourselves available for our clients whenever they require our assistance.

Why Choose Us

We believe to build a long-term contract with the clients interested in our services and thus leave no stone unturned in achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Choose Gringo Services only if you feel that the following aspects are what you are looking for in a company before handing over the contract to us:

  • Professionalism
  • Good knowledge about gardening and plants
  • A robust team capable of handling all types of tasks
  • Completing the task within the agreed deadline
  • Value for money
  • Innovative ideas
  • Timely response
  • Services that last for a long time and do not require to be redone frequently
  • Job finished to perfection