Landscaping Services in Luton

At Gringo Services we understand our clients’ needs for beautiful gardens. Creating a beautiful garden takes work, and we are ready to be part of the process. We will do all kind of landscaping work to ensure that you get the kind of garden that you have always wanted. Whether you are looking for natural turf or artificial grass, our Luton landscaping services can be customised to fit your needs.

Landscaping Work

We help our clients with landscaping in Luton area. We work for mature gardens and even new gardens. Our scope of services includes preparing the soil before gardening to remove weeds and level the soil.

After soil preparation, we help you to choose the right plants and flowers for your garden. We can also plant the plants and take care of them to maturity. For mature gardens, we do plant trimming, pruning and even lawn mowing to create beautiful gardens.

garden landscaping luton

Laying artificial and natural grass

Both artificial and natural grass is essential for the garden and no one understands that better than us. If you are wondering what to do with your garden, we can help you with deciding the best grass option for your garden.

For instance, in high traffic areas of the garden, artificial grass will be good because it is easy to maintain and it can withstand the high traffic. On the other hand, we can also lay natural grass to make your garden have that beautiful and natural look.

Creating gardens based on client projects

If you have a garden idea in mind, we can help you with implementation by transforming your ideas into a reality. It does not matter the kind of garden that you want.

We know how to coordinate colours, textures, scale, and balance to give you the type of garden that you have always imagined in your mind. We listen to your ideas and implement them in a beautiful garden without you doing all the work.